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HackLeumi & thethings.iO


Shalom hackers and makers of the HackLeumi hackathon 2014. We are sad to say that we will not be able to attend the HackLeumi at Tel Aviv in Israel for this reason we will be writing this post instead of our usual #iotfriday.

In this post, we will guide you through the tools and APIs of thethings.iO. We want to help everyone succeed at the hackathon and win the prizes being offered this year. In our video below we will tell you how to register, how to connect things (or processes) and finally how to contact us in case you have any problems.

thethings.iO registration

thethings.iO is still on BETA, this is why any user or developer still needs to receive an invitation code.

For the makers and hackers at HackLeumi we are providing an invitation code: leumi_hackathon that will let you register as a developer at the thethings.iO by clicking this link.

Connect your things FTW

To connect any Internet of Things at thethings.iO we have built thethings.iO Developers Portal. We have developed end-points with four Internet of Things protocols: HTTP REST, MQTT, CoAP and Websockets.

Furthermore, we have developed node.js npms to help javascript developers connect their things to thethings.iO quicker than before. You can find more examples and code at thethings.iO github repositories.

Talk with us

If you have any problem feel free to contact with us via e-mail at support at We will be checking notifications on thethingsiO Twitter. For more interactive communication, feel free to find us on IRC. We will be on the server and channel #thethings.iO.