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Integrated devices

With thethings.iO, connect your certified Sigfox products for any of your needs!

SensaTag Wifi

SensaTag Wifi is a low cost geolocation asset tracker. It is the perfect solution for asset management where temperature, movement and location information is needed. The Wifi tag is best suited for assets that travel in locations where there is Wifi or Bluetooth, such as cities, warehouses, airports, hospitals…

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Unabiz provides 5 types of sensors to adapt to any of your project:

  • UnaSense to monitor temperature and humidity
  • UnaMotion to detect human motion
  • UnaBeacon to detect assets geolocation and/or movement
  • UnaProtect to detect object open/close
  • UnaBell push to trigger service/order
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The Oyster 3 from Digital Matter is an ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS asset tracking device featuring more than 10 years battery life. This sensor allows you to track assets on the move and enters sleep mode when stationary to conserve battery without sacrificing the frequency of updates and performance.

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Adeunis facilitates the deployment of your IoT projects with connected sensors and solutions in order to optimize the management of your equipment or services.

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