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Cloud code

Analyze all your data with Cloud Code

Use the dynamic Cloud Code framework to enhance your IoT data by applying advanced algorithms, business logic, AI, and ML.

Cloud Code Sandbox

Sometimes certain business logic needs to be executed on a server rather than on your local device. With the platform, you can run JavaScript code using the Cloud Code API. By using the platform’s server, you will gain flexibility and scalability managing your IoT operations.

Discover the three Cloud Code types


Cloud Code Triggers are real-time algorithms with a maximum execution time of 2 seconds. thethings.iO platform provides a secure environment for their execution.

Use Cloud Code Triggers to create alerts, convert and send data to your Application Programming Interface (APIs), and more!

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Cloud Code Jobs are algorithms executed every hour or every day. thethings.iO platform provides a secure environment with 2 minutes of computation.

Use Cloud Code Jobs and highlight the versatility and flexibility of Cloud Code Triggers by customizing and extending your IoT workflows.

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Cloud Code Functions are algorithms that can be initiated either from Triggers, Jobs, or externally via public URLs. These functions are designed to execute within a 10 seconds of computation.

The Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoraWan and LoRa parsers are being done with Functions and much more. Our goal is to simplify your IoT projects with as many tools as possible.

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Keep your Code Organized on Your IoT Platform

The platform allows you to design dashboards and control panels to fit your IoT project. All clients operate under their own URL and branding. Using thethings.iO dashboards, both you and your customers can easily visualize data and key performance indicators (KPIs) with just a few clicks.

Discover unparalleled simplicity in end-to-end IoT integration!

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