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About Plans

PoC (Proof of Concept): 10 things – 29 €/month

Ideal for those who want to bring to reality their ideas, prototypes and demos. 

With this cost-contained plan you can connect up to 10 things!

Recommended for:

  • Companies: projects that need a Prototype, Proof of Concept or a Demo
  • Students: for your collage projects
  • Our beloved geeks: just because you like technology and you need to connect everything!

Pilot Run: 100 things – 99 €/month

Your project is getting bigger… you need to connect more things and integrate more apps and more functionality to your solution? This is your plan. 

Recommended for:

  • Companies: after iterating the PoC, next step is shaping the final solution

PreSeries: 1000 things – 399 €/month

Wow… this is getting serious! You can connect up to 1000 things!

Recommended for:

  • Companies: for those who will maintain about 1000 things connected for their activity. Also for those which the final objective is to go into Production. This plan is ideal to do the final pre-series of high volume production. 

Need help customizing your application? We can Cloud-code it for you. 

Need a special feature?We can develop it for you. 

Production: > 1000 things. Contact us. 

Our platform is ready to connect your thousand+, ten-thousand or hundred-thousand things!

If this is your case, contact us and we will create an ad hoc plan for you. 

Recommended for:

  • Companies: those who plan to connect massive amounts of devices. 

Need help customizing your application? We can Cloud-code it for you. 

Need a special feature? We can develop it for you. 

On Premise: Contact us. 

If you want your private instance, we can deploy on your favorite provider: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.

Our plans are designed as bundles with good balance between price, number of things to be connected and need of connectivity (API calls and Cloud Code Execution) for the amount of things. 

However, you might have specific needs. 

You can buy extra things to get your exact number and you can also buy extra connectivity. 

Let’s put couple of examples:

Example 1: I want to connect 20 things. 

I contract a PoC Plan for 29 €/month + I buy 10 extra things = 29 € + 2,9 €/thing*10 things = 58 €/month

  • Price/thing = 2,9€
  • Tipping point: 34 things → This means that if you want to connect more than 34 things, we recommend to upgrade to the Pilot Run Plan for 99 €/month, which includes 100 things and more connectivity. 

Example 2: I want to connect 300 things. 

I contract a Pilot Run Plan for 99 €/month + I buy 200 extra things = 99 € + 0,99 €/thing*200 things = 297 €/month

  • Price/thing = 0,99 €
  • Tipping point: 403 things → This means that if you want to connect more than 403 things, we recommend to upgrade to the PreSeries Plan for 399€/month, which includes 1000 things and more connectivity. 

Yes you can. 

Extra things:

  • PoC Plan extra thing: 2,9 €/thing
  • Pilot Run extra thing: 0,99 €/thing

Extra API Calls/month: 10 €/ 1Million 

Custom Brand: 100 €

Remove Power by: 100 €

Retailer tool: 499 € 

Check out our pricing table

About Support Packages

Cloud/Infrastructure Support will monitor and maintain servers and other server hardware components to operate at peak performance. Cloud Support also encompasses the management of hardware, software installed on servers, security, and backups.

The primary tasks of Cloud Support are as follows:

  • Minimize server slowdowns and downtime by monitoring
  • Code Deployments
  • Software/OS Updates
  • Backups/Restores
  • Regular Security Checks of the Infrastructure/Application

Support Packages must be contracted on top of connectivity Plans. However, PreSeries and Production Plans include the Bronze Cloud Support Package. 

Our recommendation: for PreSeries and Production Plans is to contract at least a Silver Cloud Support Package

From panel you have several tools to customize your application: dashboards, widgets, applications, alerts, cloud code and a marketplace to integrate with external services. 

All these tools are complemented with detailed documentation to help you create your solution on your own and at your pace. 

But…you prefer focusing on other things… No problem! WE DO IT FOR YOU.

We can customize the solution for you, helping from the creation of dashboards to coding (cloud code). 

You send us the requirements and we will quote for you the job. Of course we will set up a call and will iterate on the requirements until we are aligned and the scope is clear!  Finally, we will send you an official quotation for your approval. 

We call “special requirements” to any change request/feature/tool/widget that is not available in the panel at present and that cannot be developed using Cloud Code but changing the front end/backend of the 

If this is your case, contact us. We will always do our best to provide you a solution!

But please take into consideration that this type of requirement implies a change in our platform and therefore may entail a risk for its stability. We reserve the right to refuse the request..