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thethings.iO is a platform acquired by the company Diprotech, specialized in Hardware and Firmware. Diprotech stands out for the variety and quality of its electronic designs tailored to its customers, being able to tackle any type of design thanks to its team of professionals.

The Diprotech team creates and bases its projects in a win-win approach where everyone seeks to complete the project under agreed conditions. So, along with thethings.iO, Diprotech offers extensive knowledge to solve the problems of the clients.

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The Most Simple Enterprise Iot Plaform (1)

The most Simple Enterprise IoT Plaform

thethings.iO, your premier IoT application enablement platform, enables fast and scalable connectivity of devices to the Internet via multiple protocols.

Our cutting-edge platform enables you to create personalized dashboards and control panels that meet your unique needs and those of all stakeholders involved in your IoT endeavors. These intuitive interfaces serve as a command center for your IoT project, providing seamless control and insight.

Unlock the power of customization with our dashboards that enable customers to visually interpret key data and KPIs. This visualization not only improves understanding, but also enables more informed and efficient business decisions.

At thethings.iO, we pride ourselves on being the epitome of an end-to-end, easy-to-use IoT platform, setting a new standard for simplicity in the market. Elevate your IoT experience with us where innovation meets simplicity.


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