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Empower Your IoT Devices with Real-Time Data Visualization and Control

Powerful and Intuitive dashboards

At thethings.iO, we understand the importance of having a powerful, intuitive dashboard for managing your IoT devices. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to bring your data to life, enabling you to monitor, analyze, and control your devices like never before.


Real-Time Location Tracking

Visualize the geographical distribution of your devices in real-time. Our maps feature supports zoom, pan, and offers various map styles to suit your preferences.

Geofencing and Alerts

Set up virtual boundaries and receive instant notifications whenever a device enters or exits a designated area, helping you to manage assets efficiently.

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Dynamic Data Visualization

Create customizable graphs and charts to visualize data trends over time. From temperature readings to energy consumption, easily track the performance of your devices.

Comparison and Analysis

Compare data across different devices or time periods to identify patterns, anomalies, and areas for improvement.

Data from Your Devices

Real-Time Data Streaming

Receive data from your devices in real-time. Monitor sensor readings, device status, and more all from a centralized dashboard.

Historical Data Access

Access and download historical data for detailed analysis and reporting. Filter data by device, time range, or specific events.

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Customizable Dashboard

Tailor the dashboard to meet your unique needs. Choose which data points to display, create custom views, and set up alerts based on specific criteria.

Multi-User Access

Collaborate with your team by granting access to your dashboard. Assign roles and permissions to maintain security and control.

Dashboard Inspiration Examples

Air Quality Monitoring

Monitor air quality parameters such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2 levels, and humidity in real-time. Use historical data to analyze trends and improve air quality management strategies.

Energy Monitoring

Track energy consumption and production in real-time. Identify high consumption patterns, optimize energy usage, and reduce costs with our energy monitoring dashboard.

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet efficiently with real-time location tracking, fuel consumption monitoring, and maintenance alerts. Optimize routes and ensure timely deliveries.

Smart Agriculture

Monitor soil moisture, temperature, and crop health using our smart agriculture dashboard. Make informed decisions to improve yield, reduce water usage, and enhance crop health.

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