You build cool things.
We connect them to the Internet

1€ per thing / year
Real-time APIs
Interoperability guaranteed

Real-time Internet of Things

Companies developing new IoT currently have a lot to do - design, prototypes, and manufacturing the thing, build the app, and develop the cloud platform to store the data, all from scratch.

thethings.iO frees up your company to focus on what you do best: build awesome new things.

Cloud Back-End

thethings.iO enables companies with a full-scale cloud solution connected to the IoT, to store data that can be readily accessible within minutes.


Things are powerful when they talk with other things. We offer interoperability for your things that is compatible with the majority of the IoT available.


thethings.iO offers powerful analytical tools that are fully customizable to deliver the information that you need to make decisions.

Hardware agnostics

Every day, more and more hardware platforms are getting compatible with thethings.iO. We love all the hardware that belongs to the Internet of Things.

  • APIs
  • MQTT
  • CoAP
  • WebSockets
  • SDK


thethings.iO charges 1€ per thing per year for full access to its real-time APIs, back-end, analytics, and interoperability features.
With this, you can store and query unlimited data.



  • Things up to 3
  • Storage Limited 3 months
  • API calls limited
  • Interoperability limited
  • Analytics BASIC
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Best Value


   x thing / year
  • Unlimited things
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Interoperability
  • Analytics PRO


   x thing
  • Unlimited things forever
  • Unlimited storage forever
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Interoperability
  • Analytics PRO

Connect your things in 60 seconds

thethings.iO significantly reduces the time and cost of this process, while offering developers and users increased functionality. This frees up hardware companies to focus on what they do best: build awesome new things.


thethings.iO supports 4 different IoT protocols: REST API, MQTT, CoAP and Websockets. Our IoT broker enables you to store and query with any of them your IoT data.

Creative Features

At thethings.iO we are developers and we love to code and to use our own Internet of Things cloud solution. Find here integrations with Arduino, Electric Imp, Intel Edison to get more.

Data Privacy

Companies can use this while maintaining full control and ownership of their data, replacing large up-front costs with a low fee.

Easy to Customize

thethings.iO lets IoT companies quickly build apps and web applications using our whitelabel customizable tool.

Clean Strategy

thethings.iO makes your IoT work by providing a back-end cloud platform, a front-end UI, and interoperability capabilities, so that you get more with less effort!

Awesome Support

thethings.iO bring tools to provide an awesome support via e-mail, community or telephone. We will get you back ASAP! Promised!

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Our Team

We are connecting amazing things to the Internet with passion since 2013.

Marc Pous
Marc Pous
Co-Founder and CEO

Marc Pous is a computer engineer and business entrepreneur. Marc has 10 years experience on the Internet of Things field. Previously worked at multiple startups, and research centers. Builds and runs IoT communities in Barcelona and Munich.

JM Pérez
JM Pérez
Co-Founder and CTO

JM Pérez is a computer science engineer and business entrepreneur. Founded and successfully sold Smallsquid, a blog network with 6M visitors / month. JM worked at multiple successful technological startups.

Matí Zamora
Martí Zamora
Co-Founder and Data Scientist

Martí is a computer science engineer. He is a passionate about APIs, data and videogames.

Mischa Dohler
Mischa Dohler
Strategy Advisor

Mischa is entrepreneur and Professor at King’s College in London. Mischa is one of the IoT and M2M pioneers with more than 15 years of experience. He is also an entrepreneur, angel investor, passionate pianist and fluent in 6 languages. He has talked at TEDx, on BBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

Adrià Galín
Adrià Galín
Devops Engineer

Adrià is a computer science engineer. He is passionate about servers, databases and basketball.

Jordi Bruña
Jordi Bruña
Firmware Developer

Jordi is a Software Engineer and Firmware developer. He is passionate about designing systems with electronic microcontrollers.

Jessica Nemerovski
Jessica Nemerovski
Marketing lead

Jessica is our awesome responsible for developing the marketing strategies. She is passionate about blogs and the Internet of Things.

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