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Seamlessly integrate your NBIot/UDP devices

NBIoT/UDP devices come with factory firmware, preventing them from modifying their protocol. With thethings.iO EasyGateway, you can now connect them to the platform with their defined protocol!

In 2020, several countries began shutting down their 2G networks, a trend that has accelerated since then. The 5G has become a tangible reality, playing an increasingly important role in IoT despite uneven deployment. In addition to NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, and 4G, alternatives such as LTE-M, Sigfox, and eMTC are emerging to meet the varied needs of IoT.

At thethings.iO, we anticipate these changes and offer a comprehensive range of IoT connectivity solutions, from transitioning from 2G to adopting 5G and intermediate options, to guide our clients towards the technological future.

EasyGateway in a few words

EasyGateway is a significant improvement in the integration of NB-IoT systems, enabling a seamless transition without any need for device development, firmware or hardware customization costs. The process involves a simple configuration of the assigned port, matching the product and connecting it to the easyGateway.thethings.iO server, enabling the setup of an IoT system in less than 24 hours without the need for any development work on the devices themselves.

Users can purchase NB-IoT devices from their providers, configure the connection, and quickly integrate their data and NB-IoT devices into their personalized IoT platform. All without any device-level development effort or cost.

This service provides users with a dedicated and reliable communication channel through a separate UDP port for their product, ensuring immediate data availability on the platform.

The service is billed at a fixed cost of €10 per month, regardless of the number of devices connected. This cost includes the reservation of the port and dedicated single channel for your product without queues with other devices.

Ready Thethings

Automated Device Activation

No Development Cost!

The EasyGateway service comes with no associated development costs, allowing our customers to launch MVPs without an initial overhead of preparation expenses.

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