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Product Digitalization

Unleashing the Power of IoT in the Era of Digitalization

Transform physical products into digital formats

Make your products smart by integrating digital technologies, data and connectivity with thethings.iO platform. Improve function, efficiency and user experience through use of digital elements. Our team of experienced hardware development engineers can work on any of your projects.

Sensors and connectivity

The integration of features such as sensors and connectivity enables your products to collect and transmit data. With the data you collect, you can monitor, analyze, and improve the performance of your products or services.

Data analytics

Gain insights into usage patterns, performance metrics and user behavior to optimize your product or service. Meet your customers’ needs and drive innovation, efficiency and competitiveness in the digital product landscape.

Remote control and monitoring

Control and monitor your products remotely through digitalization. Interact and manage your devices through your personal dashboard on thethings.iO platform for greater flexibility and convenience.


Digitalization enables automation by integrating smart algorithms and control systems. As a result, efficiency can be increased, manual intervention can be reduced, and overall performance can be improved.

Cloud integration

Connecting products to the cloud enables companies to deliver scalable, flexible solutions and enhanced capabilities. This integration enables real-time access to data from anywhere. In addition, cloud platforms offer the advantage of centralized data storage, making it easier to update and maintain digitized products.

Ready to transform how you manage your IoT devices?

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