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Tailored Iot Solutions based on your needs

Cold Chain

A complete Internet-connected cold chain system for last-mile delivery in online supermarkets, enabling the real-time management, monitoring of temperature and humidity levels inside delivery trucks.

Asset Tracking

A complete Internet-connected asset tracking system, to ensure that you always know where your diverse assets are and to ensure the good expedition of merchandise to their destination.


A solution that accompanies companies throughout their development processes, enabling engineers to collect and analyze data in real time and to optimize processes with up-to-date insights at all times.


Automate your agricultural activities and connect your sensors to the platform to enhance productivity. Whether it’s soil conditions, greenhouses, or animal breeding conditions, manage all the necessary information directly from our real-time dashboard to support the growth of your crops.

Smart Construction

Connect your devices to the platform and get notified in case of any type of issue during your building operations to optimize the construction process. Control noise levels on your construction site, insights on potential earthquakes to avoid collapse, and more.

Smart Homes

Make your home smart and tailored to your specific needs. Reduce costs by managing energy consumption, enhance safety through air quality control, and make your home more pleasant with automatic control of temperature as well as light intensity.

Smart Liquid

Sensors can be deployed at various levels tailored to your specific requirements for water monitoring. Whether detecting leaks, ensuring water quality, or tracking temperature, the thethings.iO platform provides automatic notifications.


Manage and track your inventory levels in real time to reduce costs by minimizing waste. Obtain information to analyze consumer habits and improve sales strategies. Ensure your goods reach their final destination without any issue.

Air Quality

In today’s world, air pollution poses a significant threat to public health and environmental sustainability. Addressing this challenge requires innovative solutions, and the Internet of Things (IoT) offers a promising approach.