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Stay Ahead with Real-Time Alerts from thethings.iO

Instant Notifications, Anywhere, Anytime

In the world of IoT, staying informed in real-time is crucial. That’s why thethings.iO provides a robust alerting system designed to keep you updated on the status and activities of your IoT devices, no matter where you are. Our platform supports a wide range of notification channels and integrates with leading alert providers to ensure you can react promptly to any situation.

Flexible Alert Channels

Ttio Message Notif

SMS Alerts

Receive instant SMS notifications on your phone for critical alerts or updates, ensuring you’re always in the loop, even on the go.

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WhatsApp Alerts

Receive instant SMS notifications on your phone for critical alerts or updates, ensuring you’re always in the loop, even on the go.

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Email Alerts

Get detailed notifications sent to your email for a comprehensive overview of alerts, allowing for easy tracking and record-keeping.

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Telegram Alerts

Use Telegram for fast and secure alert notifications, ideal for both personal and team communications.

Integration with Leading Alert Providers

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Integrate with SendGrid for reliable email delivery, ensuring your alerts reach your inbox without fail.

Ttio Twilio Notif

Twilio Notification Service

Leverage Twilio’s powerful SMS and voice call notification services to receive alerts in the manner that suits you best.

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Telegram Notifications

Set up Telegram bots to send custom alert messages, making use of Telegram’s versatile messaging capabilities.

Customizable Alert Triggers

Customize what triggers an alert, from monitoring device thresholds to specific events, ensuring you receive notifications that matter most to you and your operations.

Scalable for Any Project

Whether you’re managing a small set of devices or a large IoT ecosystem, our alert system scales to meet your needs, offering reliability and peace of mind.

Easy Setup and Integration

Setting up alerts is straightforward. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation is here to guide you figuring alert channels and integrating with third-party providers seamlessly.

Use cases

Critical Equipment Monitoring

Receive SMS or WhatsApp alerts when critical equipment shows signs of malfunction, allowing for immediate action to prevent downtime.

Environmental Monitoring

Get email alerts for abnormal environmental readings, such as temperature spikes or hazardous gas levels, ensuring safety and compliance.

Security Alerts

Set up Telegram notifications for security breaches or unauthorized access to premises, keeping your assets secure.

Start with thethings.iO Alerts Today

Don’t let critical information slip through the cracks. Join thethings.iO and take control of your IoT notifications for a smarter, more responsive operations.