Maintain your retailers data secure and private

If you sell your digital product via distributors and retailers, thethings.iO’s Blinders are for you

thethings.iO Blinder is for …

IoT Retailers

Some retailers are in danger selling digital products. The only solution is to keep the data generated by their clients secure and private.

Indeed this is what we do at thethings.iO, we take care of your retailers data.

Partners and Clients

Partners and clients who need to manage their accounts with a degree of administration, the Blinder tool is for them as well.

Select a subset of things and assign them to your partner, client or retailer and enable them to create sub-organizations, apps and more. The sky is the limit.

Keep your retailers and partners safe

thethings.iO has a solution for the IoT retailers. Imagine an IoT solution that makes sure that your data sits secure and you are not going to be by-passed by your current partners in the future.

If you are not being protected today, meet thethings.iO Blinder Retailer Solution and separate the market information from your clients from your vendors, make it impossible to get uberized.

Getting started today is easy