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Enhancing Cold Chain Integrity with IoT and Sensors in Transportation

The challenging realm of perishable goods transportation requires maintaining an unbroken cold chain, which is paramount to preserve the quality and safety of products. Thus, the last-mile distribution of temperature-sensitive goods, such as fresh and frozen foods or pharmaceuticals, has to be thoroughly managed and monitored.

Improving Cold Chain Integrity: Saving the Logistics of a Global Food Distributor

A global food distributor encountered significant challenges in maintaining the integrity of its cold chain during transportation. One of the largest online supermarkets in Spain reached out to us for assistance after experiencing issues with their cold chain, particularly concerning frozen foods that arrived completely thawed a few hours after delivery. Traditional monitoring systems proved inadequate in delivering real-time insights, leading to temperature excursions that compromised product quality and resulted in financial losses.

This online supermarket needed a system that allowed them to monitor and control the temperature and humidity in real-time inside their trucks without complex installations, long-lasting batteries, and while working within a truck at -20oC.

The company implemented a comprehensive IoT solution equipped with temperature and humidity sensors embedded in each shipping container. These sensors continuously monitor environmental conditions throughout the transportation process. The data collected from the sensors is then transmitted in real-time to our cloud-based platform, allowing the company to always keep track of the proper functioning of the installations.

Integrated Cold Chain Food Distributor

Key Features

Real-time Monitoring

IoT-enabled sensors offered continuous, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions within each container, providing instant visibility into the cold chain status.

Alerts and Notifications

The system was programmed to trigger immediate alerts and notifications for any deviations from the pre-set temperature thresholds. This allowed proactive intervention in case of potential issues.

Geolocation Tracking

Integrated GPS technology provided precise geolocation tracking, enabling the logistics team to monitor the entire journey and anticipate arrivals.

Cloud-Based Analytics

The collected data was stored in a secure cloud environment, allowing for in-depth analytics and historical trend analysis. This facilitated performance evaluation and optimization of the transportation process.


Reduced Product Loss

Immediate insights into temperature conditions ensure proactive interventions, minimizing the risk of spoilage and reducing product loss. Plus, continuous surveillance guarantees the quality and safety of perishable goods, maintaining compliance with industry standards.

Timely Interventions

Instant alerts for temperature deviations enable quick responses, preventing potential issues and ensuring the integrity of the cold chain. Early notifications for equipment malfunctions or deviations contribute to reduced downtime, enhancing the reliability of refrigeration systems.

Optimized Routes

Geolocation tracking enables efficient route planning, reducing transit times and ensuring timely deliveries. It also enhances security by providing geolocation data, allowing for quick recovery in case of theft or unauthorized access.

Historical Data Analysis

Cloud-based analytics allow in-depth analysis of historical temperature data, identifying trends and optimizing future cold chain processes. Advanced analytics provide predictive insights into potential issues, allowing for proactive measures and preventing future disruptions.

Optimizing Operations: Real-Time Monitoring Enhances Product Quality and Efficiency

The implementation allowed for enhanced product quality, thanks to real-time monitoring and alerts that minimized the risk of temperature excursions. Geolocation tracking played a significant role in operational efficiency, enabling better route planning and reducing delays. Finally, by preventing spoilage and reducing product losses, the company experienced significant cost savings.


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