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Smart Industry

Empower Your Industry with Seamless IoT Solutions

Real-time monitoring for operational efficiency

For businesses looking to grow and improve operational efficiency, IoT is the answer. By integrating connected machinery and leveraging sensory data, businesses can now monitor every facet of industrial production in real-time. The Internet of Things allows manufacturers to know the operational status of their machinery, levels of production, quantity of materials and much more, all in real-time. Gathering this information, companies can make informed decisions and changes to their processes to achieve continuous improvement.

thethings.iO proposal

thethings.iO provides the connection between manufacturers and their equipment. We work with the most innovative technology to provide them with real-time insights, as well as the best tools to analyze their long-term data.

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Real-Time Optimization using advanced IoT sensors, our platform provides continuous monitoring of the machines in your manufacturing plant. This includes monitoring speed, temperature, vibration, and other critical indicators that can signal wear or potential failure. Reduce unplanned downtime, optimize machine performance, and increase equipment longevity.


thethings.iO unifies the data from all the industrial operations in one place. Our customizable dashboard allows to visualize and analyze data from multiple sources in real-time, providing a comprehensive understanding of the production. This unification facilitates data-driven decision-making, improves collaboration between teams, and optimizes resource management.

Smart Industry Real Time Tracking
Smart Industry Predictive Maintenance


Leverage the power of IoT to transform maintenance from reactive to proactive. Our solution analyzes historical and real-time data to predict failures before they occur and efficiently schedule maintenance. This minimizes unexpected interruptions, extends the life of your equipment, and ensures consistent and reliable production.


Understand how your production is moving and being stored. Visualize in real-time the cold chain process, the warehouse temperature, the packaging process and the boxes lifecycle.

Environmental Condition Monitoring Smart Industry


Ensure safety and compliance by monitoring critical environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, and air quality in real time, while maintaining the quality of your products. Instant alerts notify you of any deviations so you can act quickly to correct them.

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