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Smart Cities

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Every day, more and more cities are looking to integrate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to collect, process and analyze data coming from devices, and citizens. To collect all this data, cities need connected sensors that are integrated with real-time monitoring systems. These technologies and the data they provide help cities to make better decisions to improve and optimize various aspects of city management such as security, transport, water supply networks and waste management, among other things. In the long run, the goal is to create cities that are responsive, adaptive, and able to meet the evolving needs of their populations in a rapidly changing world.

thethings.iO proposal

By providing a robust IoT platform that meets the complex needs of urban environments, thethings.iO helps governments store and analyze the data of thousands of sensors in real-time. With our platform’s ability to create customized dashboards and control panels, we provide cities with the right tools to manage, monitor and predict events, situations and problems in order to solve them together with the city.


thethings.iO IoT platform is ready to scale and has flexible pricing to grow as the city grows.


Optimize waste collection routes, monitor bin fill levels, and improve recycling rates thanks to IoT. By efficiently managing waste, cities can reduce operational costs, minimize environmental impact, and enhance overall urban cleanliness and livability.

Metro Public Transportation


Traffic flows can be studied to find quicker and more efficient routes for public transportation as well as smart traffic lights, which provide green corridors for emergency and police vehicles.


Smart lighting uses occupancy sensing and daylight sensing technology to control more efficiently street lighting and significantly reduce city energy consumption.

Lighting City Buildings
Smart Metering Scaled Thethingsio


Smart meters measure gas, electricity and even water consumption in cities and send real-time data to users to encourage active consumption reduction.

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