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Webinar – Connect Sigfox and Spot’it Sigfox Atlas service with thethings.iO IoT platform


Last week, we celebrated our monthly webinar. We described what is Sigfox technology and their newest IoT geolocation service, called Atlas (formerly Spot’it) connected to thethings.iO.

Geolocation is a really interesting feature in several IoT verticals. Understand where is an asset, a car, a package or people is priceless in specific moments where there is money or life in risk. All of this depends on having GPS availability on the hardware, usually a GPS chip introduced on the shield with an antenna. Now Sigfox is releasing Atlas (previously Spot’it). Atlas (Spot’it) is the newest location manager of Sigfox, with no GPS chip, that makes your hardware cheaper than expected.

Transcription of the webinar

Hello good afternoon hope that you can hang here, I’m here and Marc Pous, CEO of thethings.iO. I’m here with Carles my colleague.

So we are here ready to the webinar where we are going to show you how to connect the Sigfox device to thethings.iO today and make a really beautiful dashboard just in five minutes. Then we are going to show you, as well, how to connect the Atlas geolocation service (Spot’it) and geolocate a device with no GPS. Finally we are going to show you an extra bonus. Actually we are going to show you how you can send a Wi-Fi mac address to thethings.iO through Wi-Fi with Sigfox and complement the Atlas geolocation with the services that can offer better geolocation like Google Wi-Fi API location.

First of all, thethings.iO is the most simple enterprise IOT platform and, what does it mean? so this is what our customers say about us they say that we are so simple to use, so simple to connect devices and that’s really important when you are on an IoT project you know we all know that it’s painful to connect the device the Internet we all know that actually it’s hard to scale etc so we practice if we find all of the connection all the device provisioning all the data collection and data visualization. We simplify the way to add new business logic on top of the data. Actually collecting feedback from our customers we like to call us as the most simple enterprise IoT platform. You are free to try for free our platform you have 15 days free trial.