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Blinders for IoT retailers

Maintain your retailer’s data secure and private

If you sell your digital product via distributors and retailers, thethings.iO’s Blinder Tool is exactly what you need!

thethings.iO blinder is for…

IoT Retailers

Retailers can be at risk when it comes to selling digital products. The only solution to avoid issues is to keep the data generated by their customers secure and private.

Partners and Clients

For partners and clients who need to manage their accounts with a degree of administration, the Blinder tool is what they need.

Select a subset of things and assign them to your partners, customers, or retailers, and empower them to create sub-organizations, applications, and more.

Keep your Retailers and Partners safe IoT Platform offers a tailored approach for IoT retailers: an IoT solution that guarantees the security of your data. Thisway, you will always have control over your sub-organizations.

If you don’t have any current protection measure, discover thethings.IO Blinder Retailer Solution. It allows you to separate market information from your customers and vendors. Make it impossible to get uberized.

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