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thethings.iO September’16 Fresh New Features!


At thethings.iO we are constantly learning from our customers to improve our IoT platform. At thethings.iO we use a software continuous delivery, that means, that when we have a new feature we deploy it immediately (after unit testing and other). Yesterday, because of the specific features that we deployed we had to schedule a maintenance outage.

We are glad to announce that yesterday we delivered these next 3 great new features:

Users Management

Create users and grant access to developers, testers and people from your organization to the dashboard. Grant different permissions to the users depending of their role. The users will be able Read, Read&Write or Administrate the account.


Activation Codes By Product

One of the most requested features used to be the possibility to move acquired Activation Codes among products. Since yesterday that was not possible. We have improved the Activation Codes and made the way you provision the new things more dynamic.

First of all, now you can share Activation Codes among products and we also open the possibility to have an Activation Code that activates multiple things. That means that now, with only one activation code for product, you are able to activate as many thing things as you need.

Apps Management

We improved the Applications Manager user interface. Now, using the new Application scope, it’s possible to define in a better and easy way how your Apps will interact with thethings.iO.


One more thing

Yesterday we also published our status page!

Status Page

We created the status page where you can check the status of all our services, the average of the response time and a board of incidences.


At thethings.iO we are building the simplest IoT platform in the market for several verticals such as Industry 4.0, Agriculture, Logistics or Connected Home. Feel free to contact us for more information.