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Introducing the new thethings.iO


Meet the newest thethings.iO


It is as they say: the only constant in life is change.

This is true in the technologized world we live in, and it is even more true when running a startup. If you want to change the world, you better listen to how the world wants to be changed. And as we’re on the cusp of the digital revolution merging into the analog world via the Internet of Things, that change is only going to accelerate.

We have seen plenty of changes on thethings.iO in the last twelve months. We’ve seen our team grow, we signed up new customers and partners and couldn’t be happier about them, and we’ve seen a lot of really cool projects happen in the Internet of Things.

We’ve started to work with Telefonica and SigFox, for instance, to give their customers access to our dashboards to more efficiently manage their fleet of devices in the field. We have also further deepened our work with Atmel, Electric Imp and Econais.

Nevertheless what we find the most exciting in this massive change of the Internet of Things are the ingenious applications from makers and developers come up with the freemium accounts that we launched last time. Some of the examples are below:

And so we’ve decided to relaunch thethings.iO site to make it even easier for developers – and we’re talking about you here, whether you’re a maker looking to connect your first project with an Arduino, ESP8266, Electric Imp, Atmel WINC1500 or Raspberry Pi to the Internet, a creative technologist, bringing your latest prototype to life, an enterprise launching their first IoT project, or a professional thinking about how your products can become part of the Internet of Things – to connect their things.
For as little as € 1 per year, your things can become part of the IoT. You build fantastic products, and we connect them. So what are you waiting for? Head over to theThings.iO and start connecting.