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Asset Tracking Success Story on the Automotive Industry


At thethings.iO we have been working during the last twelve month on the thethings.iO Solutions. One of the most successful IoT Solution is related with the asset tracking and more concrete with a complete Internet-connected plastic pallet for automobile industries.

Here you can find more details on thethings.iO Asset Tracking Solution Success Story.

At thethings.iO we have a clear mantra on IoT Solutions: We need to help our clients to save money or make money. If thethings.iO Solution can’t help our clients, hardly it will work on high volumes in production.

The challenge that we found on the Asset Tracking IoT use case are clear. Companies who transport special goods, such as in the automotive industry where the urgency is an important variable, usually move assets from their warehouse to their manufactories, or other company’s warehouses. Most of the times, they are used to use plastic or metal pallets, crates or foldable plastic boxes with the main goal to recycle them during several years (3 or 5 years). Wooden pallets have a limited time life and plastic or metal pallets can last more years. Due the higher price of the plastic or metal pallet compared with the wooden pallet, makes that companies have more limited pallet stock and furthermore the acquisition of these pallets are slowlier.

67% of manufacturing companies with high value pallets make manual searches at least once a day of their pallets. Sadly this is a usual problem for this type of companies, several times during the year there is a lack of high value pallets that unable them to send all the expected goods to their shops or clients. That means that the company start loosing money for the lack of goods on their destination or just trying to use other materials to transport the goods.

This is the reason why these companies need to understand where the pallets are to ensure the expedition of goods to their destinations every day, avoiding high labor costs and improving stocking, efficiency costs and operations optimization.

Here you can find more details on thethings.iO Asset Tracking Solution Success Story.