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New Look & Feel for


We are excited to announce that thethings.iO has a new look & feel!
2022 will be synonymous of renewal at

While some of you may have noticed that our logo has changed, that’s not the only new thing… 

After a lot of hard work put into design and development, we have given thethings.iO a new look and feel to make it more fresh, modern and powerful. 

The main focus of the redesign process has been to improve the experience when dealing with a lot of telemetry data and complicated things flows. 

We also wanted to give the platform a facelift to make it feel more modern and aligned better with the overall brand of the company.



The most distinct change is the new navigation, which now resides as a more narrow column on the left side of the window. This is done to save screen space, free up some space for the second level navigation and allow full focus on the thing you are working on, in the main content area on the right.

On a typical screen the main navigation items are now indicated as icons with a tooltip label when hovering over the item; but it is always possible to click on the arrow below to expand or collapse this column according to the user’s preferences.


We also have refined our front-end technology stack, which together with the Design System will allow us to build a better performing and intuitive interface, especially as we build more advanced and data-rich features.

Onboarding and use ultra-simplified 

We were already proud of the fact that thethings.iO is a very easy to use platform, now we can say that it is even easier! Each screen and feature is now accompanied by “Get Started” windows to guide the user step-by-step through the platform.

Much more to come 

These changes initiate a phase of renewal and we will continue to improve the platform! Coming soon: 

  • New styles for custom web Applications
  • More languages on CloudCode
  • New preview widgets tools and many new and improved widgets
  • Ready to use template dashboards based on
  • New billing view
  • New tool for 3D device visualization

Obviously, we take into account the feedback from our customers and the evolution of technologies, so we are always happy to listen to the users for new ideas! Feel free to share your ideas and topics you would like to discuss with us about the platform at



These changes will simply improve and simplify the use of the platform! 

However, to avoid any doubt , we’ve already answered a few questions you might have… 

  • Do I have to do an update or a manipulation to access thethings.iO new features? 

All new features are available automatically for all public cloud platform users.


  • Will this update affect my connected things and already created dashboards? 

In some cases you will need to resize some widgets to fit new styles, but nothing to worry about, the new interface is even more intuitive than before, use our new onboarding steps (get started) to learn further how the platform works if needed. 


  • Where can I find the “Get Started” – mentioned above – to help me with the platform?

It will be displayed on every single view, and, when closed, it will be retrievable again in the top right corner dropdown when clicking your organization name.


In conclusion

The platform is now much more intuitive, more flexible and makes companies globally more productive. 

Don’t hesitate to check out these changes:

(The 14-day free trial offer is still available so you can be convinced before you subscribe!)