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You don’t need to be an IoT architect to connect your things to the Internet - IoT Solutions
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You don’t need to be an IoT architect to connect your things to the Internet


A lot of times when we meet a customer, they tell us that they want to run their IoT solution with Microsoft Azure or AWS IoT or whatever other big company offers for IoT. The most interesting part here is that they are not our competitor. thethings.iO is not competing with Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix or Google IoT, among others. thethings.iO is usually competing with the consulting firms or engineering companies who are making from scratch an IoT solution on the top of Microsoft Azure IoT, AWS IoT, etc. These are our competitors, and usually they are making the IoT more slowly. Why? Because with thethings.iO IoT platform our customers can have the software that these consulting firms make (in 3, 6, 9 months) in minutes or days running on any IaaS.

Since the first day, our focus at thethings.iO has been to become the most simple enterprise IoT platform and we are making it happen. We are helping big companies to reduce their time to market and going from prototypes to a big number of connected devices. thethings.iO aims to democratize the Internet of Things by making the technology accessible to business decision makers. thethings.iO is the IoT platform which is abstracting the complexity involved in implementing frameworks such as AWS IoT and Azure IoT, among others.

Democratizing the IoT means that every Internet of Things company should be able to reduce their time to market when connecting their products to the Internet. As you know there are a lot of platforms and confusion on the IoT.

So what differentiates the thethings.iO from AWS and Azure?

With AWS, IBM and Azure services, they provide the infrastructure but you have to build and maintain your own platform for your IoT devices. This means you need another company or inside team making software on top of the infrastructure they provide.

On the other hand, thethings.iO builds the IoT platform on top the infrastructure for you! This encompasses all the steps of developing the new hardware including designing, prototyping, manufacturing the thing, building the app, and developing the cloud platform to store all the data. With thethings.iO taking charge of this process, your company is able to save ample amounts of time and money so you are able to focus on building and selling your ‘things’. Companies should not have to spend extra time and money to have a separate team developing the IoT platform.

In addition, the platform built by thethings.iO includes the coding analytics and maintenance of full interoperability. Interoperability allows all your different devices to communicate and collaborate so the IoT devices and services which are able to reach their maximum functionality. Communication is vital to the operation of multiple IoT devices.

thethings.iO offers a tiered pricing model just as AWS and Azure do. Therefore, the more devices you connect the cheaper the price per device will be. Your company is able to connect hundreds of thousands of devices for a very affordable price. The price is set at a monthly rate so you always know exactly how much you will be paying with no hidden fees. Each tier  comes with more features and abilities such as the number of API calls/messages and cloud executions. thethings.iO offers regular support with the ability to upgrade to higher levels of support to best meet the needs of all customers. This flexible pricing allows us to adapt to your changing business needs in the simplest way. Finally, you can try out any of thethings.iO services completely free for 15 days!