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Smart Homes


The era of digitalization applied to smart homes and smart buildings allows, through the information collected, to make decisions and at the same time control remotely.

This can offer you greater comfort and safety in your day to day. Whether it’s sensor lights that save you money on energy bills or security systems that you can control from thousands of miles away.

Intelligent home and building automation systems provide centralized control of a building’s heating and cooling systems, lighting, entry access, and other capabilities through a building management system.

It should be noted that digitization brings many benefits, both for users themselves and for companies. It makes life easier for users with the comfort provided by remote control or by its efficiency and cost control among others.

At the same time, it generates new business opportunities, for example, supply companies (water, electricity and gas), improve the monitoring and control capabilities of their systems. allow to connect all kinds of devices through a wide range of protocols (posar link a la docu on hi ha els protocols) and create custom applications. 

You can connect yourself to your presence sensor, your cooling system or your washing machine and create your own alarms or remote control using panel and its tools. If you need help, just contact us!