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Looking for partners for the best IoT platform


thethings.iO partners

At thethings.iO we are growing worldwide, from New Zealand to Canada, passing through Argentina or Ireland, companies need to connect things all around the world. This is the reason why we are looking for businesses, integrators and consultancies to refer, resell, and implement thethings.iO as an IoT software solution locally.

thethings.iO partners

Currently, thethings.iO partners are businesses or individual professionals who frequently use our product to deliver an end-to-end IoT solution to their customers. We call them integrators: consultancy firms, engineering teams or development shops working for companies who need to connect their assets.

Using thethings.iO as an IoT platform lets integrators cut costs while delivering a top-nocht Internet of Things solution to their customers. Easy prototyping, fast demos, simple scalability and uncomplicated implementation helps them save time and money.

And becoming our partner makes it even better. Partner integrators have premium discounts on thethings.iO public pricing, receive marketing and development support and get high priority at our helpdesk. Partners also get prior access to new product features and have a private development sandbox, among other exclusive features.

Interested in becoming a partner? Are you an integrator who need the best IoT platform in the market? Speak with one of our Partner Managers today and start making actionable insights with the IoT and Big data.