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IoT Platforms for Dummies ebook


We are pleased to announce a new ebook made by thethings.iO‘s CEO Marc Pous and Blai Carandell about the IoT Platforms. We named it IoT Platforms for Dummies and we try to explain what is an IoT platform is and why a digital business needs to use an existing IoT Platform asap.

Today is the best day to launch a digital product. Seriously! Never before in the human history has it been easier to build a prototype, design the mechanics of a product, manufacture it anywhere and sell millions of units through crowdfunding campaigns, pre-sales or direct channels. And the good news is that tomorrow will be even easier. The bad news is that having a team with all the knowledge to launch it smoothly is hard and super expensive. Sometimes the IoT platforms are the pieces of the digital product which are less appreciated, nevertheless they are an essential backbone of any business.

Success on IoT is not easy journey, at all. As you are going to read, too many stages are needed to reach success and too many complex decisions need to be taken. Even sales and marketing need to excel. So we hope that with this ebook about IoT Platforms for Dummies we can help you to understand why an IoT Platform can help you to reach success on your digital project.

And if you think that you need an IoT platform, just ping at thethings.iO. thethings.iO is the most simple enterprise IoT platform.