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The power of the IoT Bra

The Power of the IoT Bra

The Power of the IoT Bra

Both men and women will enjoy this post about the latest news in the IoT field because today I’m writing about Bra. Yes, you’re reading it right. Recently, looking into the clothing world I ran into the most intimate wearables for women. I’m talking about Bra again. If it looked liked the most common piece to hold women’ breasts, the IoT world has run further.

Victoria’s Secret joins the wearable revolution

When somebody tells you that Victoria’s Secret has decided to take part of the IoT world, you just get crazy. Is that true? You may ask yourself. I’m going to answer rapidly: yes, it’s true and awesome! The biggest lingerie company has its own connected sports bra. It is called Incredible Bra and the firm introduced it to the world the last 2014. Watch the video with the most famous Angels:

Incredible is great for tracking your heart rate during high-intensity workouts, such as kick-boxing, running or even hard yoga! The bra places electrodes inside that attach to a heart-rate monitor (which is not included), to save the most accurate information about your heartbeats.

Sensilk Flight Tech Sports Bra is another option to all fitness lovers. Its sensors, built into the bra, are sync to wearer’s smartphones, so it tracks heart rate, calories burned, duration, distance, days since the user’s last workout and even more! The substitute of FitBit bracelets is in town, acquiring the shape of a sports bra!

IoTT: Internet of Topless Things

If we flash back to the 15th Century, the best option to preserve “true and unique love” (consider love as sex) was the chastity belt. What happens when living in the year 2015, having all the technology near us? Well, there are no more iron chastity belts, luckily! But if you want to avoid some guys to touch your intimate parts, specially breasts, there’s a design that’s perfect for you: the True Love Bra. Designed by Ravijour, a Japanese lingerie brand, this bra just opens when you find true love.

The True Love Bra places a sensor into the bra which detects the wearer’s heart rate and sends it to a special smartphone app for analysis via Bluetooth. The app calculates the “True Love Rate”, according to the changes in the heart rate over time. When this rate exceeds a certain value, the hook opens. The best way to turn the intimacy even more intimate!

But what most men will thank is the bra that opens when clapping your hands. The worst situation a man must face is when he’s trying to unbutton women’ bra, so it turns to be really, really easy. It is called The Clap-Off Bra, but you, all men around the world, should call it God. Watch how it works:

Say hello to the most sociable bra…

Fitted with a sensor that contains a Bluetooth transmitter, which is placed in the bra’s clasp, the #tweetingbra was a Nestlé idea in contest of the Breast Cancer day. Each time the clasp was unhooked and the connection is broken, it sent a signal to the user’s mobile device. Then a tweet like “Don’t forget to check your breasts women #tweetingbra” is sent from the Twitter account @tweetingbra to remind you to check your breasts in order to prevent from a possible breast cancer. Check its profile and give support to this campaign.

… and to the one that detects cancer!

There’s more in the health & bra field! First Warning Systems has developed a revolutionary technology that could change the way doctors diagnose breast cancer. The new tool you have to use is a bra. This bra provides a continuous screening of breast tissue under a women’s clothing. All data generated is sent digitally to a doctor, who can assess it to detect the early stages of a tumor.

Be your own energy source to connect your devices

Okay, not exactly yourself, but a wearable that actually do that. Say thanks to the Solar Bikini, designed by Andrew Schneider. This bikini is capable of charging your smartphone or MP3 player. How? It comprises flexible photovoltaic film strips and USB connectors, so say goodbye to that awkward moment when you need to send an important (or maybe not that important) message and there’s no more battery! We are not sure of its comfortability, but it will, for sure, change the reason why to sunbathe.

The Solar Bikini

The Solar Bikini

To get a great tan seems a must during the summer. Most women and men love to see their skin turn into a gold colour during their summer holidays. Contrarily, skin cancer statistics has increased considerably in the past years. Nobody wants to get that “red-skin colour”, so to avoid that, we all should wear sunscreen. But when do you need to apply it? No more worries! Spinali bikini will tell you exactly when to put on your sunscreen (or stop sunbathing) thanks to an UV sensor that connects directly to your smartphone. It works for all kind of skins and the tanned level you want to get.

Hey, but if you want to wear a Solar Bikini (or any other kind) maybe you are thinking about starting one of those famous summer diets. But well, IoT has the solution you were looking for. It comes from the hand of the big Microsoft, and it is also a bra! This bra pretends to prevent women from emotional and stress eating. It consists in an electrocardiogram to measure your heart rate and an electrodermal activity sensor, which measures skin conductance and movement. With these sensors you are capable to measure your stress level, so the computer sends an alert to your smartphone app, which tells you to stop what you’re doing (you’ll be probably taking “one more” chocolate) so you won’t overeat.

The Role of thethings.iO

At thethings.iO, we connect devices or wearables such as the ones we have mentioned in this post to the Internet. We are a Cloud solution for companies that decide to build new cool things that can be connected to improve our lives. If you want to know more about us, you can create an account by clicking here, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter or follow us on Twitter! Stay tuned and be the first in knowing the latest news of the IoT world and thethings.iO.